So, our work in travel retail could be regarded as a perfect fit. Primarily associated with airport shopping, this specialist retail sector also includes cruise ships, ferries, border shops and, in some locations, designated downtown stores.

Travel Retail has come a long way from its humble duty-free shopping days as international airports have evolved into premium shopping destinations in their own right. With global passenger journeys growing year on year (3.8bn in 2016(1)) the global travel retail business is projected to be worth $67bn by 2020. While this presents enormous opportunities for brand owners, the fast-moving nature of this unique retail setting also presents a fundamental challenge; how to engage a time-pressed customer?

Globally, the time a passenger has to spend between check-in and boarding is decreasing and data suggests that the time available to shop and/or eat is only 30mins. It also suggests that only 16% of passengers actually make a non-food purchase.

Arlanda, Stockholm - Travel Retail Design
Changi, Singapore - Travel Retail Design

Sensitive to the ever-changing expectations of passengers, the top travel retail operators (Dufry, Heinemann, Lagardere, Lotte, DDF, DFS, Shilla) are investing heavily to create distinctly different shopping experiences, challenging brands to be equally innovative and engaging, placing great emphasis on ‘retailtainment’.

For over twenty years, Fieldwork has witnessed the growth of this fantastically dynamic sector at close hand. Working with clients in many different categories exploring and implementing ideas to address the specific demands of the sector. Balancing novelty with clarity, mixing ‘old school’ story telling with ‘new school’ technologies, we ‘ve been creating disruptive spaces to captivate and delight.

The scope of our work ranges from permanent retail installations, individual gondolas, wallbays, brand activations, to purely concept development for clients to explore and secure key travel retail locations. We’re proud to say that you’ll probably find the ‘Fieldwork touch’ in every hub airport around the world.


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